We share your love and passion for video games.  The foundation of 8 Bit Evolution is the same from which of our love of all things video game related stems:  

Our childhood.

8 Bit Evolution breathes new life into old consoles.  Every game we release has meticulous attention to detail.  New custom PCB boards, cartridge shells, cases paired with professionally printed and bound manuals and boxes are complimented by pack-ins and add-ons you won’t find anywhere else.

We are all collectors and enthusiasts first.  This is, and always will be, a passion project we’re proud to put our name on.  In a world of cloud storage, download codes and virtual licenses, we want to provide a medium for our developers, and others, to create an exclusive artisan collectible that compliments the effort that goes into Indie & Homebrew development.

All of our releases can be easily identified by our unique, custom details from our unique pack-ins and full-color manuals to the exclusive, limited release numbering on our collectors editions.

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We all grew up in the 1980′s…

a decade for us that is immortalized by the first video game console wars, the reign of Hulkamania, and Billy Idol.  Video games were something the whole family could share and enjoy.  We want to promote and share our hobby and help immerse you in nostalgia.

We buy any video game collections and breathe new life back into them.  Meticulous cleaning and refurbishment processes will ensure that these games end up in the hands of collectors and end users that will respect and cherish them.  We provide innovative modifications and customizations that you won’t find anywhere else.  Trade, buy, and sell until your heart is content.

Check us out on Facebook as 8 Bit Evolution or on Twitter as @8bitev0luti0n (zeros for “O”s), send us an email, or use our contact form to send us any questions or comments you may have.  You can even call and speak with one of us if you need help or customer service that cannot be effectively mediated through email.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to bring our love of video game history, evolution, and timeless nostalgia directly to the fingertips of all gamers, aficionados, and enthusiasts alike.

Through refurbished consoles with a great new look, accessories such as lapel pins, and all the supplies one would ever need to bring a new game to a console, we do our very best to provide all the ways to show love for retro gaming. We have a deep appreciation for talented fans who put in the time and effort to refresh old games with a fun new twist or create their very own new games. Because of this, we also hope to provide some of our very own homebrew titles to share our love of retro gaming with other fans and fans-to-be.

These homebrew titles span many genres, many consoles, and fantastic settings and styles, with a type of game for every gaming fan! From arcade-style action games to sports games, from zombies to vikings, from Nintendo to Sega, 8 Bit Evolution strives to cover as much of the geek spectrum as possible with its offering of new games!